Like Yelp for people

Learning about people on the internet can be a real trick, although in the Casual Encounters domain, the trick usually turns out to be you. Helping you navigate murky informational waters a little easier: Mirror.From a former angel investor who decided to get dirty in the digital world, then recruited an army of superior techies, Mirror's basically a Yelp for people, allowing anyone who passes several tests and safeguards to post a review of someone they know, whether said knowledge was...... carnal, in which case you can boast of (or rip into) your former flame's "performance in the relationship", and tag her "Sexability" as "Disinterested and Distracted", or "She's a lady, but just wait" (aka The Crying Game response)...... or platonic, in which case you can list your friend's/co-worker's/fro-worker's top four attributes, indicate whether he's more "Miyagi Dojo or Cobra Kai", and recount the "awesomest" and "not-so-awesomest" moment you shared, both of which are that time you made eye contact at Flashdancers.Each review is then screened by a human editor prior to being posted to the site, where users on the other end can either search for a specific person by name/phone number/email (good for looking up a business acquaintance or blind date), or just browse geographically suitable ladies who're "financially secure" and "inspiring" in the sack, though both of those could probably be said about the ladies turning those tricks in Casual Encounters.