Sex on Friday

The 8 Best Spots Near NYC to Have Hot Hotel Sex

Editor's Note: Welcome to the second installment of Sex On Friday, our new every-Friday column where we cover all things sex, dating, and sex while dating, in and around NYC. Stay sexy, NYC.

It’s fun to hook up at a New York bar and/or your apartment and/or both. But sometimes it’s even fun-er to do it in a hotel in a whole other ZIP code. Don’t ask us why, ask the benevolent gods of hotel sex. If you’re looking for a one-night/589th-night stand with your significant other, here are some great getaways for just that, sorted by your relationship status.

If you're in a relationship

The Adirondacks
Hotel for Sex: Lake House
If you’re in a relationship in NYC, chances are you annoy a lot of people when you go outside, with all your public touching, and cuddling, and even public-er touching, and just generally being happy. In the Adirondacks, there are fewer people than mountains and everyone there is also called "Babe," so you'll fit right in. Just go there. Please.

North Fork
Hotel for Sex: Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast
If Long Island’s two forks were siblings, then the South Fork (aka The Hamptons) would be the hotter, older sister, while the North Fork would be the geeky younger sister with a winning personality who becomes hot with time. Long Island’s North Fork has matured with age and has become freaking awesome for wine tours and boutique B&Bs. Fun fact: couples love doing it at B&Bs after drinking all the wine.

The Berkshires
Hotel for Sex: Cranwell Resort
Couples love the Berkshires because there are 1) romantic cabins and inns, 2) lakes, 3) colorful leaves, and 4) fireplaces. I love the Berkshires for couples because I get to make jokes about "Berkshire porking."

If you're looking to hook up

Hotel for Sex: Auberge Les Bons Matins
You’re gonna have to wait for the spring if you want things to be like Canadian Europe with outdoor cafes, and French things, and Piknic Electronik, which is an outdoor Sunday picnic with alcohol and electronic music. But you can also go for strong-ass beer, fully nude strip clubs, and sugar shacks. Hooking up in Canada is awesome.

Hotel for Sex: Killington Grand Resort Hotel
There are actual fireplaces and bearskin rugs here, and even if you don’t ski, Killington has bars, restaurants, cabins with hot tubs and ski lodges that serve hot toddies. (Did we mention the cabins with hot tubs?)

Atlantic City
Hotel for Sex: Borgata
This is the East Coast capital of making bad decisions, which is something singles are really good at. Hop on the Acela with your fanny pack full of cash/condoms and get ready to regret everything the next day.

If you're looking to have an affair (but this is a terrible idea so maybe you should just be single)

DC (or any other city known for business trips)
Hotel for Sex: The Willard
No one is going to question you if you say you have to go to DC on business. Plus DC is the lamer (much lamer) version of New York, so your significant other will probably be totally fine staying behind. Maybe head right to one of these bars.

Any hotel on the West Side Highway
Hotel for Sex: Any of them on the West Side Highway, remember?
Who even goes here? You can. For sex.

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