Proving fine art is fine as hell

Getting busted looking at an inappropriate site at work can be awkward, though frankly much less awkward than not getting caught, and busting. For a hilarious take on the tawdriness of famous paintings, check out NSFWorks of Art.

Started by an art director and a Googler, NSFW examines the art world and all its T's & C's without buying into "years of overpriced liberal education", running through the tasteful-est of nudes and providing brief, surprisingly informative, highly comical overviews of their context. Some choice bits:

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch: "Bosch’s best-known work...presents us with a great deal of erotic nudity inside of a triptych (three NSFW images in one!), and is probably the best contender for the most NSFW masterwork of them all -- at least until we get to Jeff Koons."

La Maja Desnuda by Goya: " notable for being the first depiction of female pubic hair in Western painting...Spain produced a series of stamps bearing the Maja's likeness in 1930 only to have the United States ban them from use on incoming US Mail...We only accept bald eagles here, amigos."

L’Origine du Monde by Courbet: "L’Origine du Monde (The Origin of the World) is a paradoxical painting of a snatch that’s as hirsute as an Afghan hound. The painting is paradoxical because for a long period of time it was both famous and largely unseen. Until 1995 the painting was owned by psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan who, in all probability, masturbated to it at least once." Busted!