A musical inspired by your favorite guidos

Everyone enjoys a guilty pleasure now and again, which is probably why OJ decided not to hire Johnnie Cochran the second time around. Bringing you not one but two guilty pleasures at once: The Jersey Shoresical.

Mixing the cringe-worthy voyeurism of TV's biggest train wreck with the even-more-embarrassing pastime of musical theater, TJS is a "hilarious send-up of your favorite Guidos and Guidettes", coming soon to the NYC Fringe Festival after a successful run in LA. Thought up by the show's own "Ronnie" and "Sammie" (who count among their credits Mean Girls and Party Down, as well as stints with the Upright Citizens Brigade), the cast includes a drag queen (JWoww) who made it to the semis impersonating Britney Spears on America's Got Talent, and a '90s Brit pop star taking a turn as Snooki, proving the real reason America's got talent is because we steal it from other countries. Done almost completely in song, the show's narrated by a "Greek Chorus of drunk girls called the Random Sluts", while original tunes include sure-to-be-classics such as "Grow Some Balls", "B*tch in a Bed", "I F'n Love You, I F'n Hate You", and "Snooki's Lament", which oddly seems to suggest there's something to not lament about being Snooki.

For an NY touch, they also plan to bring on a local actor, musician, or comedian to fill in as "The Grenade", though if that's who's doing most of your pleasuring, you deserve to feel guilty.