Beerfesting on a yacht

In just a few short weeks the The Steuben Parade and World Yacht is celebrating Germany's traditional Maifest (i.e, Oktoberfest in spring) by turning Pier 81 on the Hudson into a full-scale outdoor beergarden, complete with food vendors and a ton of scheizer p*rn Germanic entertainment. Kicking-your-ass elements:

  • Paulaner brews including their fizzy summery hefeweizen, the "dry medium bodied" Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold, and their Premium Pils, which you probably shouldn't bring yourself...unless you're totally awesome
  • Optional hour-long beer cruise!
  • Obligatory eats like classic & chicken Schaller & Weber brats, pommes frites, burgers and Bavarian pretzels, which, given the yacht, will clearly be served with plenty of their own Logic
  • The crowning of the new Miss German-American, who the crowd will assist in picking from three finalists
  • Entertainment from a professional German dance troupe and the premier fest circuit polka band, Alpine Squeeze (the only fruit they're Tempted by are deliciously tiny wild strawberries)

Should beer not be your thing, they're also going to be slinging shots of a Jager-like liqueur called Killepitsch, which includes over 90 fruits, berries, herbs, and scheizer p*rn spices.