Put this in your pipe and drink it

Because drinkin' and smokin' don't need West Coastin', a brewery vet "captivated by the resurgence of artisan brewing in the US" is giving Dr. Dre the boozy finger at Beer Street, a growler station/smoke shop housed in a besotted butcher-shop-cum-general-store: vintage knives, meat grinders, and row upon row of bottles and pipes, plus snacks for people who've been hitting too much of either to safely use vintage knives or meat grinders.Growlers: Pleasing both "beer geeks" and "party-goers", those looking to mix & match a draft six-pack can opt for pint-size medicine bottles, but full jugs can also capture suds from both noted local operations (Kelso, Brooklyn, Sixpoint...) and those further afield, including a new-to-NYC cross between an Imperial Schwartz & American IPA known as Dark Element, which could literally be any of the heavy metals.Bottles: 100-strong and growing, ales are arranged by style, from Lightning Brewery's relatively rare, high ABV farmhouse Electrostatic Ale, to bourbon- and cider-barrel-aged numbers by Montreal's Le Trou du Diable, or "The Devil's Hole", aka, where they throw you in Montreal just for translating Le Trou du Diable into English.Tobacco: There're plenty of cigars, but a display case filled with leaves from the owner's bro's CT farm is also home to everything from simple corncob pipes to hand-crafted wooden jobs, plus artisanal tobacco from operations like G.L. Pease, and Cornell & Diehl, a move successfully pulled off by enough students to prove that drinkin' and smokin' don't need West Coastin'.