A place to eat, watch movies, and make Tom Waits jokes

Because turning those hot dogs doesn't do much to de-stagnate typical theater fare, the Michelin-starred chef behind Saul and the Vanderbilt has teamed up with an Angelika booker and a few other food+film buffs on Nitehawk Cinema: a two-level, semi-industrial complex with a bar/cafe on the ground, and, on floor 2, three art-house-leaning theaters and a boozy lobby. Here's the setup:The Cafe: Decked in taxidermy, wood accents, leather banquettes, and an undulating bar backed by old seat-tags, they're plating everything from BBQ pork belly steamed buns, to cotija/mozz/cheddar/salsa verde empanadas, to watermelon salad, and'll be mixing cocktails including a rotating one inspired by a now-playing movie (so, no Y Tuaca Mamá También).The Lobby: Serving 'tails & beer (eight local & craft drafts w/ one rotating obscure/seasonal), plus concessions like homemade jerky, queso w/ black beans, chorizo & guac, and crazy-flavored popcorn, this pre-/post-hangout features a marquee'd bar, and a wall lined with VHS action from an owner's old video store: Spider Baby, Bionic Ninja, Hustler Squad, even The Peanut Butter Solution -- thankfully not about a canine last resort for a guy with no Hustler squad.The Theaters: Food's waiter-serviced from the cafe (they'll seat you about 45min early to give you time to order), and every two seats have a "guitar pick"-shaped table between them. If you need anything once the show starts, write your order on a paper-backed mechanism and turn it up "like a flag" -- a churrascaria-like way to ensure You Got Get Served.They'll also host private parties in the theaters, and might even rent out their VHS collection -- if they've got 1984's Hot Dog: The Movie, your Friday night just got a little less stagnant. And so did David Naughton's.