Spot-on study says millennials should move to NYC

Are you under 35-years-old, broke, AND living in New York City? Well, according to The Livability Index, you’re doing something right.

Each year, Vocativ ranks the 35 best US cities for people 35-and-under, and this year, New York City edged out Portland for the number one spot. Yes, even the artisanal coffee-filled, biker-friendly streets of Portland couldn’t match up to the Big Apple.

After selecting the 100 most populous cities in the US, they filtered out the winners and losers with stats like employment rate, cost of rent & utilities, quality of public transit, entertainment, and weather.

You’re probably wondering: why does sky-high rent + depressed population + bipolar weather systems = happy millennials? But according to Vocativ's study, NYC has a lot of things going for youngsters. The city so nice they named it twice ranks high in terms of entertainment, nights out, food, diversity, and charm. And its transit system is rated the best in the country (as much as you hate the subway, you could hate it a whole lot more).

Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back, you New Yorker, you.

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Rebecca Dolan is an Editorial Intern at Thrillist, and she's under 35, living in NYC. Yeah, be jealous.