Help build the most badass NYC song reference map ever made

The latest and greatest badass thing someone is doing with Google Maps, the interactive NYC Music Map drops pins on alllllll the spots that famous artists have sung/rapped/nasally shout-talked (looking at you, Dylan) about for the better part of the last century.

Started by Constantine Valhouli -- of real estate developing, fake Jack Kerouac folklore pranking, and dudes-whose-names-are-superior-to-yours fame -- the map already has more than 200 pins dropped around the five boroughs, and all of them link you to a YouTube video of the song in question. The coolest part, though? You can suggest your own favorite NYC-name-dropping song just by sending an email with your ideas (HINT: there are only two Nas-related pins at the moment, so get to work).

Tyler Beckwith is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and is always in a New York state of mind. Follow him on Twitter, son.