12 facts about NYC that are actually lies

You know how your pants are always on fire, and you can never figure out why? Turns out, it's because you're a big, fat, dumb liar. Well, that ends now: here are 12 "facts" about NYC that you need to stop spreading immediately, since they're totally not true.

lies about nyc
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1. New York is the priciest city in the world

Nope, London is actually now the most expensive place anywhere on the planet. Hear ye. Hear ye.

lies about nyc
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2. NYC has the best last call in the country

Except that it doesn’t. Yes, bars are open very late, but legally they have to shut their doors by 4am. New Orleans and Las Vegas can easily top that with rules that allow them to close, well, never!

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3. NYC has very little green space

Wrong! 19.5% -- or nearly a fifth -- of city land is dedicated to parks. That’s the most in the nation according to the Trust for Public Land.

lies about nyc
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4. Egg creams have egg in them

Hahahahaha no. There’s no egg in the regional specialty at all. Just seltzer, milk, and chocolate syrup.

lies about nyc

5. New York is the Big Apple

Except that, well, it's actually not. The first recorded example of a city being called "The Big Apple" is of Los Angeles in 1920, in the Chicago Defender. It’s thought that the term was just a way of referring to a big city. Too bad, so sad.

lies about nyc

6. Hardly anyone in New York drives

Turns out that only YOU don’t drive, because recent data suggests that around 44% of city dwellers across the five boroughs now own a car. So go ahead and buy a Tesla if you want. Then go ahead and spend the next few months trying to find parking for it.

lies about nyc
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7. Manhattan was purchased for $24 dollars in beads

This one's a joke right? Modern historians have recalculated the actual price (~60 guilders) to be over $1,000 (some say up to $15,600) when you factor in inflation. Still a great deal, but not the same amount as what has lived on in one of New York’s greatest myths.

lies about nyc
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8. NYC is not really a coastal city

And that's not really a true statement. NYC has 520 miles of coastline, which is more than Miami, LA, and SF combined.

lies about nyc

9. NYC isn't a college town

And false. According to Bloomberg, NYC has more students (graduate and undergraduate) than Boston has people.

lies about nyc
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10. You will immediately be shot, stabbed, or mugged upon moving here

You should still have your head on a swivel but, in fact, NYC is one of the safest big cities in the country.

lies about nyc

11. A penny dropped from the Empire State Building could kill someone

Don’t try it, but this is BS.

lies about nyc
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12. There are alligators in the sewers

There definitely aren't. Right? RIGHT?!

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Craig Nelson is a writer who enjoys pizza and the tropical vibes on that famously laid-back island of Manhattan -- the place he calls home. Follow along on Twitter and his blog Across 106th Street.