How to tell if your NYC neighbors are Republicans

Are you out voting today? No? Well, shame on you. It’s midterm Election Day!

Everyone knows New York City is the bluest eye of a very blue state, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of Republicans around. Where are they?

A new map from AddressReport (see the full map below!) gives the breakdown of party allegiances in Manhattan’s ‘hoods. Spoiler alert: there’s a lotta blue.

Perhaps not surprisingly, NYC Republicans are most likely to live in the Upper East Side, Midtown East, Murray Hill, and the Financial District. And if you want to make sure you never run into a Republican in your daily life, Harlem is your best bet, where only 3% of residents are Republicans.

You can also search AddressReport with your exact address to find out what percentage of your building is registered red/blue. Turns out you’re an independent living in a sea of conservatives? Get out while you can!

And now, back to voting. Keep biting your nails until 9pm tonight, when NYC polls close.

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Rebecca Dolan is an Editorial Intern at Thrillist, and she wrote this article instead of voting today. Shame on her!