These Maps Reveal NYC's Most Badass Taxi Drivers

NYC taxis made 173 million trips in 2013. One hundred. And seventy-three. Million. We know this because we just poured over all the data (thanks Chris Whong!) for every single one of them in search of 1) which taxi driver covered the most distance, and 2) which taxi driver picked up the most fares in one day in 2013, aka NYC's baddest-ass taxi drivers.

Wondering what driving 358 miles in NYC in a single day looks like? Or picking up 81 people in a day looks like? Thought so, which's why we conveniently mapped them out in two video game-like animations below. (Google Maps geocoding FTW!)

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The cab driver with the most trips in one day (81)

To put that in perspective, the average trips per day, per driver in NYC in 2013 was 20.7, FOUR TIMES less than this American hero.

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The cab driver who drove the longest distance in a day (358 miles)

To put this in perspective, the average trip distance in 2013 was 2.92 miles. Multiply that by the trips per day and you're looking at an average distance per day of a very un-badass 60ish miles.

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