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Prepare to Freeze at Fifteen Below This Week

Remember that not-so-distant time in early December when all you wanted was a hint of seasonal weather? It's time to close your eyes, hide under a pile of all the blankets, and fill your shoes with Little Hotties, because that awful cold feeling is coming for you, and soon.

That’s right: Just one year after the winter of the Polar Vortex and Snowpocalypse, we’re about to have another fountain-freezing cold snap. It’s so serious that Mayor De Blasio has released a statement about it: The Office of the Mayor advises New Yorkers to wear extra layers of warm clothing and cover up when going outside. But mainly just not to go outside.

“So just how cold will it be?” you ask, starting to just vaguely reconsider your plan of standing on the street with a thermometer as you typically do in the dead of winter. Well, reports that temps will drop as low as 8° Wednesday night after a day in the mid-20s. There's also a wind-chill advisory issued for the entire NY metro area warning of readings as low as -15° tomorrow night.

So basically the school-cancelingly freezing weather for which you wore your PJs inside-out and backwards as a kid to summon the Snow Day gods. Except now you’re an adult, work’s not going to get canceled, and you’re going to suffer through freezing wind to and from the subway station.

Stay warm, everyone. And just in case they're still influencing the weather, maybe wear your PJs the, uh, normal way?

Hannah Serena Goldstein is a Cities editorial assistant at Thrillist. She thinks it's time to apologize to her puffer coat for the time she thought about replacing it, and to thank it for all it's done. She encourages you to do the same. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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