Video: Orchestra performs from 9 NYC subway stations via Skype

Published On 10/29/2014 Published On 10/29/2014

Trolling through Instagram pictures of your friends’ meal/child/dog is no longer the best use of NYC's new subway Wi-Fi.

As reported by The Village Voice, filmmaker Chris Shimojima recently brought together 11 musicians, a composer, and a team of 40 volunteers for an experiment called "Signal Strength", in which musicians at nine different Wi-Fi-enabled subway stations collaborated over Skype to compose the most kick-ass orchestra ever assembled underground. The group used various instruments, including accordion, bass, trumpet, and even a saw and human beatbox, with a single conductor making the magic happen from Bryant Park, using multiple Skype-enabled computer screens.

The orchestra members were stationed in various subway locales around Midtown and UWS where they could find relatively quiet surroundings, and good Wi-Fi signals. And although some of the musicians didn't know how to read music -- or couldn’t meet for rehearsals -- the end result ended up being the coolest subway performance you'll ever see (and that includes the "Showtime!" guys). Check it out below.


Pete Dombrosky is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and he now feels the urge to tip every subway performer he sees. Follow him underground on Twitter.



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