A concierge inside your phone

Standing for "what you need, when you need" and proving that acronyms can be tough, WunWun is basically the Uber of personal assistants. You make a request for basically anything -- from delivering you White Castle, to walking your dog, to walking your dog to White Castle because he loves it -- on their app, and they'll use their concierge-ish helper-dispatch system to find someone qualified to promptly handle your request. Some ideas:Have them pick up your groceries for you (important note: don't worry, most WunWuners will be able to reach those top shelf snacks).Started pouring rain while you were stuck in the office? They'll drop off an umbrella, sans the weird faces.You can get someone to endlessly hit refresh until those tickets you want become available. The ones to the opera, probably.You can even get someone to do stuff a little more labor-intensive, like deal blackjack at your next party, although you unfortunately can't tell them that what you need is a 10.