Get paid for subway misery: Stranded A-train riders receive $2,500

When you curse the MTA tomorrow morning because your subway is running 2.5 minutes late, just think: it could be worse. As in, 10-hours-on-a-cold-train worse. 

On December 27th, 2010, passengers on the A-train were stranded for about 10 hours, with no water, bathrooms (!), or heat. The train, which was stuck between the Rockaway Boulevard and Aqueduct stations in Queens, reportedly carried passengers, most of whom were on their way home from Kennedy Airport.

That's right: Kennedy Airport. Two days after Christmas. 10-hour subway ride. Worst. Nightmare. 

But justice does exist in the ever-inspiring NYC transit system! Lawyer Aymen Aboushi scored a win for 38 passengers (out of about 500 on the train that day) who sued MTA for their not-so-satisfied customer experience. As reported by New York Daily News, after four years, the MTA has settled with the 38 passengers for $2,500 each. 

Seriously. Where did all those people go to the bathroom?

Rebecca Dolan is an editorial intern at Thrillist, and she's wondering what's worse: 10 hours on the subway or Kennedy at Christmastime? TBD.