The 26 best people on the subway

There're all sorts of stories out there about all of the worst people on the subway, but what about the best people? What about the unsung heroes of everyday life who lift their eyes up from Candy Crush just long enough to make traveling underground with a billion people jammed into metal boxes that much less awful? It's time we gave those champions of transportation civility their due.

These are the 26 best people on the subway.

Subway NYC
Flickr/Randy Pertiet

1. The person who looks into a super-crowded train and opts to be five minutes late, rather than awkwardly jam his body into yours.

2. The person who bravely sits next to the guy who everyone else refuses to sit next to on a slammed train.

3. The person who forces the door open when your shoe/bag/very stylish cosplay cape is stuck in there after a mad-dash.

4. The announcer who actually explains why you've been in between stops for 10 minutes, rather than just running a recording apologizing for the inconvenience.

5. The girl who tells you when you've unknowingly dropped a glove. Or both gloves. Or everything you own. Jesus dude, get it together.

6. The tiny girl who takes up almost no room and is just short enough to reach over to grab the pole.

Subway NYC

7. The person who's tall enough to reach the ceiling and steady himself, instead of reaching over people.

8. The person who helps tourists. Sure, they're annoying -- but if they can't figure it out, they're eventually going to ask you, which is way worse.

9. The person who catches you reading their newspaper over their shoulder, and doesn't mind.

10. The person who doesn't give you dirty looks for being pressed up against them, because there is actually nowhere else for you to possibly be at that moment.

11. The couple that just holds hands while on the subway, then adorably sucks each other's faces off while not.

12. The inebriated-but-disciplined dude coming home at 4am who bought an entire pepperoni pizza, but is SOMEHOW resisting the urge to eat it on the train. Bravo.

subway singers NYC
Flickr/Eric Chan

13. The a cappella doo-wop singers who are actually excellent.

14. The guy who gives up his seat for a pregnant chick, even though she isn't THAT pregnant.

15. The person standing in that corner by the door who makes it easier to enter/exit by stepping out at stops, even though it puts him at serious risk of losing his spot.

16. The woman with the stroller who actually folds it up, instead of repeatedly jamming it into your shins.

17. The person who moves his head to one side when you try to look at the subway map.

18. The person who picks up and throws out the Snapple bottle that's probably been rolling around the car for a week or two.

19. Literally anyone famous.


20. The person listening to their music at a completely reasonable volume in their headphones.

21. The breakdancing kids who don't kick you in the face, even though it looks like they definitely are going to kick you in the face.

22. The families whose children actually sit down and behave, because this isn't an effing amusement park ride.

23. The person on the loud speaker who tells you, "There's another train directly behind this one" -- bonus points if there actually is!

24. The grocery shopper who spends the extra money on a cab instead of riding the rush-hour 6 train with a dozen Trader Joe's bags filled with Mediterranean olive mix that they won't end up liking, anyway.

25. The biker who's not taking the subway at rush hour, because come on dude, you got that bike for a reason.

26. The 99% of people just living their lives and not being a-holes.