This is probably the last warm weekend of the year, New York

It basically gets dark at 4 o'clock these days, and all of New York City is bracing itself for the long, cheerless slog of winter. But according to the National Weather Service, it looks like we've got one last warm weekend before our collective hibernation sets in. 

The sun should be out both Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday highs forecasted at 52, and Monday getting into the mid-60s.

So... get out the tanning lotion and beach towels and shorts and bathing suits. What, too much? Ok, then maybe this is a good time to check out NYC's best rooftop bars? Or you could try out some rooftop bars that are open year-round, many of which have some kind of heating, for those of you that aren't of the opinion that 52 degrees sounds quite hot enough to lounge around outside.

It's looking like the warm front may continue into next week, but then again, these are the same guys who told us it was going to snow last week. We're over your games, weather men.

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Lucy Meilus is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and will probably bring out tanning lotion and beach towels, no matter what the weather ends up being. Follow her on Twitter for other smart decisions.