50 Signs You're a New York City Douchebag

There are 8 million people in New York City, and approximately 7.999 million of them are douchebags. Are you one of 'em? Probably. Especially if you're tripping one of these 50 red flags that broadly define our peculiar brand of chest-thumping, money-fueled, screw-everyone-but-me Five Boroughs douchery. Sound like any New Yorkers you know?

smart car parked in between two others in new york city
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1. You keep a car because "it's nice to have for groceries and stuff"

2. You have a rent-controlled apartment

3. You're from Bronxville but you tell people you're from the Bronx
You know damn well this isn't true.

4. You refer to everything north of Yonkers as "upstate"
You know damn well this isn't, either.

5. You talk trash about Queens even though you've never been there
Citi Field doesn't count.

6. Your parents pay ANY of your rent, but you still complain about money
Get your sh** together.

7. You can remember the last time you partied in the Meatpacking
Or you can't, because it was SOOOOOOOO EPIC.

8. You clip your nails on the subway

9. You ask your bartender to plug in your phone before ordering a drink

10. You refer to things as "the new Williamsburg"
Or "hyper local." Or "highly leveraged." Or "swag."

11. You lean your entire body on the pole instead of holding it

12. You catcall women on the street
Actually, make that anywhere. Including Whole Foods.

13. You're nine out of 10 real estate brokers

14. You bring your child to the bar

15. You have season tickets, but only go "with clients"
This applies to all teams, but slightly less so if it's the Knicks, because those games are genuinely hard to sit through these days.

people at a roof top bar
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16. You go to rooftop parties, cast your hands skyward, and yell, "We gonna run this town tonight / aayyyy-ayyyyyyyy-ayyyyy-ayyyyyyyy"

17. Your monthly Uber bill is comparable to your monthly rent
Important note: surge pricing is not "unfair" if you willingly agree to pay it before calling your car. Please shut up.

18. You wore the same blue button-down to Oyster Fest that everyone else wore to Oyster Fest
Throughout the day, you continue undoing buttons. By nightfall, you will look like Tommy Bahama's corporate brother-in-law. You think this is a good look.

19. You pay $5,000 for a summer share in Montauk because the Hamptons are full of rich douchebags

20. You don't see the big deal about a dive bar closing to make way for a 7-Eleven
"Gentrification is really just making the city better, when you think about it."

people on an escalator
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21. You stand on the left side of the escalator

22. You walk three abreast on sidewalks with your friends Chad & Steve
It's impossible to get past you.

23. You blast music from your phone speaker in lieu of headphones

24. You buy incredibly expensive things at Brooklyn Flea because they look "rustic"
It's the repurposed milk-crate bookshelf your apartment always needed!

25. You play full-scale football games at Sheep Meadow during peak sunbathing hours

two women hailing a cab in new york city
Flickr/John Fraissinet

26. You upstream people hailing cabs

27. You think going to Williamsburg is an adventure

28. You drink vodka sodas for the taste
Poured from the overpriced bottles you ordered just for the sparklers.

29. You refer to your SoulCycle instructor as your "muse"

30. You're disappointed in your bodega's craft beer selection, which is "just so-so"

people in new york city in the snow
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31. You complain about how cold it is in the middle of winter

32. Your base of nightlife operations is a fake Irish bar that only plays hip-hop/pop music
You think you know the Irish bartender by name. That's not really his name, and he's not actually Irish.

33. You find it impossible to not scream outside the bar
Even though the sign politely requests that you do not scream outside the bar.

34. You compare work colleagues to characters from American Psycho
And you mean it as a term of endearment.

35. You frequently start sentences with "Say what you want about Giuliani, but..."

Kiehl's graffiti new york city
Flickr/Chris Goldberg

36. You take pictures of "graffiti" that a brand installed outside its store

37. You manspread

 38. You aggressively challenge the "New Yorkness" of everyone you meet
"If you weren't born here, then you're NOT a real New Yorker."

39. You CANNOT BELIEVE that this cab won't pick you up outside 13th Step after last call
Maybe it's because you're vomming explosively while charging it like a rhinoceros sponsored by Vineyard Vines, bro.

slice of pizza
Flickr/Howard Walfish

40. You question the sanctity and/or sanitariness of dollar pizza

41. You think Hoboken is basically the same as Brooklyn
You think the PATH is basically the same as the subway, too, don't you?

42. You gripe about how New York is "worse than it used to be"

43. You've gone to the West Village just to Tinder

44. You walk into Manitoba's and proclaim, "I love this place!"
Everyone there hates you because you have health insurance.

brunch line new york city

45. You wait in line for brunch when there are a billion other brunch places you could go to

46. You spit your gum on the sidewalk, or leave your dog's poo there
You are contributing to the deterioration of this once-great society.

47. You hate everyone who's "ruining" Bushwick, where you moved last year

man walking in street in new york city
Flickr/Andy Cross

48. You expect cars to avoid you, even though you're jaywalking

49. You expect pedestrians with the right-of-way to avoid you...
... even though you're biking against traffic.

50. You write lists like this
Or comment to ask me if I was born here (I wasn't), then tell me this list is "invalid." Go ahead, do it -- every New Yorker is a douchebag sometimes.

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Dave Infante is a writer-at-large for Thrillist and a colossal douchebag. Follow @dinfontay on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.