5 must-try new brunches, including one at midnight


New York The weekend is almost here, and that means you're either stressed about Valentine's Day or... not sexually desirable. Either way, you should really start worrying about something actually important, and by that we mean brunch. Here're five brand-new brunches worth checking out this weekend:

The Standard

The Top of The Standard: Taking over the Boom Boom Room space during the day, this new rooftop brunch features eats like "Green Eggs" (braised greens, poached eggs, and garlic-herb potatoes), brioche & foie gras French toast, and burgers "Belle Epoque". Continue Reading

Golden Cadillac

Golden Cadillac: This cocktail heavy-hitter's recently launched brunch channels the same high/low '70s vibe as the bar -- Huggy Bear Cakes are loaded with chocolate chips and topped with honey butter, and the Boogie Bloody is an "XL" Bloody garnished with shrimp and bacon. Just like they did in the '70s. Right.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster: They literally just unleashed a "midnight brunch", so get there late-night ('til 4am) for a killer burger, steak and eggs, or the Bob Harris Ramen with spicy beef and miso broth.

Arlington Club

Arlington Club: Head Uptown for a steakhouse brunch with 1) short rib popovers, and 2) plates of brioche Monkey Bread. Also, whether you're doing one or not, you'll need to get the cocktail called the Walk Of Shame -- here it's vodka jammed with muddled berries and mint.

Clinton St Baking

Clinton St. Baking: This old standby is always good, but it's particularly good during February, thanks to the fact that it's Pancake Month!! They're doing a different specialty pancake every couple of days (from 8am-4pm and 6-11pm), including a Japanese Pumpkin one today, and one with chocolate chunks, raspberries, and raspberry-caramel sauce tomorrow. They're only available on weekdays though, so prepare to get your non-Saturday/Sunday brunch on.