The craziest play you've ever been in

Face it: you aren't ripped, you don't have an awesome accent, and, probably due to those two issues, even an unattractive housekeeper wouldn't have sex with you. But your chance to step into The Arnold's meaty shoes is nigh thanks to Terminator Too: Judgment Play, a new production from the guys that brought you Point Break Live!

With a roster of as-superstar-as-it's-gonna-get actors from Upright Citizens Brigade and The Pit, the show starts when the audience picks one of their own to play the Terminator, arming him (God willing) with cue cards and a Super Soaker, in case any unattractive housekeepers in the audience aren't already totally wet. Every one of the He-Man-melting action sequences is then reenacted by the cast, who, in spite of having little to (actually) none of the original's $94 million budget, do it all in "true 3D", so... with people

Care more about free beer than awesome reenactments of Schwarzenegger movies? Well they've got that too! Plus, you'll get a "Nuclear Fallout Pack" complete with a poncho -- though if you want to be really authentic, just go Commando.