New UberPool makes it easy to carpool with weird strangers

Your parents' greatest nightmare has just been amplified one thousand times: not only do you live in NEW YORK CITY where danger lurks on every street corner like it's a Duane Reade, but now you're also going to ride around with complete strangers! Yay!!

Uber just announced that it plans to launch UberPool, a car-sharing service, in beta form this Thursday in all boroughs of New York. The service will work the same way one-touch car-scheduling normally does on Uber, except that it will match you with a complete stranger who also happens to want a ride back from Bushwick to the East Village. When your match is ready, UberPool will notify you of your co-passenger's name (unfortunately, names do not reveal one's standing on the creepy/not-creepy scale). If they are unable to get you a match, they'll give you a discount on your ride (your move, Tinder). 

UberPool already exists in Paris and San Francisco, but it means something entirely different for New York; this is the company's greatest push yet to get one million cars off the road (New York currently has nearly two million on the road each day, according to Uber). The company also calls the service "a bold social experiment"... or, you know, a lesson in trying to not get followed directly to your apartment door by a total stranger. 

Lucy Meilus is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and doesn't get into cars with strangers... unless they're like, offering up cheeseburgers or something and then maybe we can negotiate, IDK. Follow her on Twitter.