​Fly Through NYC With the Ultimate Drone Video

YouTube/Sky Tech One Aerial Photography

Thanks to Sky Tech One Aerial Photography, you can see the city from a new perspective -- a drone.

What started off as a demo reel project for Director Victor Chu’s website developed into an amazing flight through the five boroughs. With a camera attached to a drone, Chu captures the essence of NYC with shots that feature iconic landmarks (the Brooklyn Bridge, the Coney Island Ferris Wheel, etc.), as well as some that show the grittier side of things (graffitied buildings, wrecked ships, etc.).

Check the video out to escape from your office for five minutes, before returning to your day-to-day life and forgetting what a truly beautiful city we live in.

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Emily Kolars is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist. She's lived here for six months and has never realized how little of NYC she's seen until now. Follow her on Twitter