Rental Car Rally explodes back on the scene

Having blazed trails from LA to both Vegas and Tahoe, everybody's favorite rally (note: "everybody" does not include car haters or white supremacists) is ending the world 2011 with a doomsday-themed drive-athon starting right here in NYC and ending in…Apocalypse! Much is shrouded in secrecy, but here's a taste of the anarchy that lies in the dark beyond:

The Equipment: Before the race gets underway, you'll arrive at the starting line with your team (costumed according to the theme of your choosing) and be handed a briefcase filled with "mischief-making swag" (bottle rockets, caution tape, smoke bombs), a guide to where you'll be going, and a list of rules (boooo!) e.g., "Don't be a dick" (but, you know, feel free to totally be a dick).

The Route: Starting with a giant party at a top-secret NYC locale, RCR'll launch you towards the Catskills, where you'll dominate Scooby-Doo-esque checkpoints including abandoned factories & amusement parks, ghost towns, and "possibly a whorehouse", frankly the only indication from that list that doesn't suggest they're sending you through Detroit.

The Finish Line: Is a goddamned Atlas F missile silo, which you'll approach via a private airstrip before (after)partying like it's 1999 in the revamped space, now partially an underground luxury home w/ non-explosive amenities including fireplaces, marble baths, and a jacuzzi, the only place here you can feel comfortable surrounded by bombs.

Before heading home, there's even an after after party loaded with bouts of bicycle jousting, downhill shopping cart slaloming, and everybody's favorite kind of gunning: paintball (note: "everybody" does not include paint haters or white supremacists).