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$10 rent for 50yrs: one NYC man's tale of working the system

On average, it's hard to get anything good for $10 in Manhattan, but one man has recently disproved this theory in the biggest way possible: by getting away with paying $10/month on rent for FIFTY YEARS.

According to the New York Post, Jud Parker was able to nab a West Village duplex for one single Alexander Hamilton a month, for 50 damn years! The 2009 lease states that Parker pays 10 bucks a month for the 1,400sqft spot at 14 Minetta St, which not only includes two bedrooms, but also a backyard.

Parker says that he took care of the landlord (Wilfred Schuman, now deceased) and was like a son to him, so the unbelievably affordable rent was a gift for his kindness.

But unfortunately, this deal of a lifetime might not continue so easily.

The new landlord -- Pari Dulac, who recently purchased the property from Schuman’s estate for $2.75 million -- filed a lawsuit with the Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming that Parker took advantage of Schuman (who, according to the lawsuit, had dementia and alcoholism), and either forged his signature or somehow tricked Schuman into signing the lease. Dulac believes she could charge $6,000 a month for the apartment, which just so happens to be what Parker would pay for the entirety of the 50-year lease.

It's unclear how the case will turn out, but if Parker ends up winning and gets to chip in less money than a movie ticket per month for his pad, it'll be a win that every Manhattanite can appreciate/be jealous of/pray to happen for themselves.

Pete Dombrosky is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and if his rent was $10 a month, drinks would be on him. Every time. Follow him on Twitter!

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