They really should keep it together

Published On 05/24/2011 Published On 05/24/2011

As time passes it can be hard for people to let things go, unless those things are hamburgers, in which case they certainly aren't trying to hold on to themselves. Catching you up on people who can't keep it together: Who's Fat These Days? From a dude who swears Al from Home Improvement once grabbed a pork chop off of his plate while he was eating -- without using his hands! -- WFTD's a quick-witted Tumblr dedicated to hilariously catching you up on the literal excess of celebrity, though given how large they are you could probably catch up to them yourself, even if they had a head start. Some meaty examples: Hey D'Angelo! Guess What? You're Fat These Days: "This guy once had the best abs on the planet. Somewhere, Eric Nies is smiling. And listening to D'Angelo's 'Brown Sugar' while banging Ruthie." Bryan Abrams From Color Me Badd Has A Delicately Sculpted Beard, Which Does Absolutely Nothing To Conceal That He's Fat These Days: "Very few people are aware that the original name of their hit song was 'I Want To Mex You Up,' and that it was first sung to four bags of Tostitos while clutching Ortega-spiced ground beef, a foodservice-size tub of queso dip, and a popcorn bowl of guacamole." Pierce Brosnan Has No Issues Going On Boats And Showing How Fat He Is These Days: "The world is not enough for Pierce Brosnan, even if it were made completely of delicious ham hocks." Should you know of any "sleeper fatties" -- a.k.a., not people who have always been fat -- the founder welcomes you to send along said meatballs, though should the celebrities on the page get wind of it they may attempt to eat the surrounding posts.



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