Here's Why Your Upstairs Neighbors Are the Absolute Worst

Above Average

You know at one point you've wondered just what the hell those people living above you are doing to make all that noise, and in a video brought to you by Above Average Productions, two "artists" explain exactly what it means to be upstairs neighbors with gravitas: "Uh, it means we make... sound." This would explain so much.

Watch these upstairs neighbors explore the most avant-garde ways to create noise pollution, from rolling bowling balls across the floor, to pretending to have hauntingly shrill sex ("oh yeah, when we do have sex, it's actually very quiet"), to popping balloons while blowing those party whistles that sound like constipated vuvuzelas.  

In their words: "People think of neighborly noise as a nuisance, but we think of it as an art form." We know this is a joke, but we imagine somewhere out there all upstairs neighbors are watching this and jotting down notes. Check out the video below.

Rebecca Zhu is a Food/Drink intern at Thrillist, and is pretty sure her upstairs neighbors own a small clan of mind-reading frogs that only exchange pleasantries right when she's about to fall asleep. Follow her @rebeccaz48.