A Williamsburg bar is offering 'Serial' listening parties

Are you listening to "Serial"? Of course you are, you have a pulse. You spend your Thursday morning commutes listening to the episodes, hours at work staring at that damn call log, and have generally become an anti-social shut-in who sits alone and tries to figure out how pings on cell towers work. What if we told you you could feed your obsession without having to be quite so anti-social?

According to Brokelyn, Videology in Williamsburg will be hosting "Serial" listening parties on Thursdays at 5:30pm, with a slideshow, $5 Old Fashioneds, and hopefully some super-detailed conspiracy theories.

If for whatever preposterous reason you don't know what "Serial" is, it's the This American Life spinoff that became a binge-worthy Internet sensation, made podcasts cool, and led millions of people to believe they too could solve a 15-year-old cold murder case. If you are a listener, you know that after an episode airs you desperately need to talk about every detail, and since you don't have Sarah Koenig's number, a listening party at a bar is definitely your best option.  

Thank God there's finally a place to go to talk about Adnan's lawyer potentially botching the case, the possibility that the Nisha call could have been a butt dial, if there was a payphone at the Best Buy, what a payphone even is (who can remember?), and whether or not there's still a shrimp sale going on at the Crab Shack. So take those earbuds out, and listen to the show with your actual buds!

Lucy Meilus is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist, and has a serious crush on Sarah Koenig. Follow her on Twitter for her thoughts on '90s cellphones.

Emily Kolars is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist. She still doesn't know how to pronounce "Mail Chimp". Follow her on Twitter to find out who she thinks did it.