Jimmy Kimmel Accepts Controversial Candidate Roy Moore's Offer to Fight on Air

In 2017, a far-right ex-judge from Alabama, twice removed by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary for not adhering to federal mandates, can rise to political prominence, win the Republican candidacy to run in a special Senate election, be accused of multiple incidents of sexual abuse against underage girls, march a few points ahead of his Democratic rival as more and more stories come out, and through a storm of denials and anti-media proclamations, pick a fight with a late-night host. That's life.

Here's what happened: On Wednesday, comedian Tony Barbieri, in character as "Jake Byrd," a loudmouthed Conservative caricature who has appeared several times on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, heckled Senate hopeful and alleged sexual misconduct perpetrator Roy Moore during a church rally. Irked by the incident, Moore took to Twitter on Thursday to fire a shot across Kimmel's bow.

Irked by the incident, Moore took to Twitter on Thursday to fire a shot across Kimmel's bow.

Kimmel didn't let the comment stand.

Naturally, Moore fired back.

Kimmel didn't let him have the last word.

Ignited by the Twitter spat, Kimmel took to the stage later that night to not only talk through Moore's offer, but explain what "Christian values" mean to him.

"I made my first Holy Communion, I was confirmed, I pray, I support my church, one of my closest friends is a priest, I baptized my children," he said. "Christian is actually my middle name. I know that’s shocking, but it’s true."

In the monologue, Kimmel goes on to confront Moore on air over his allegations. "Some even consider it to be a sin,” Kimmel said. "Not that you did that, of course — allegedly. But when you commit a sin at our church, at our church we’re encouraged to confess and ask for forgiveness for the sin. Not to call the women you allegedly victimized liars and damage them even more. To confess."

After comedic jabs and observations of hypocrisy, Kimmel finally accepted Moore's "man to man" challenge. He'd rather talk or debate, but if a fight is what Moore wants, then he'd happily bring it. "There is no one I would love to fight more than you. I will put my Christian values aside just for you and for that fight.”

"Maybe if you went to man to man instead of man to little girl you wouldn't be in this situation," Kimmel added. "Allegedly."


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