23 Paris Instagrams You Need to Follow Right Now

Unlike most of its residents, Paris isn't particularly petit any more -- but it is still extremely photogenic. From weird architecture to delicious food to good ol' Eiffel Tower shots, these Paris-based Instagrammers bring us the best of their city and beyond.


One of the most followed French Instagrammers, VuTheara Kham manages to capture the iconic scenes of Paris without it feeling cliché, often capturing the personalities that make this city what it is. You know what’s even crazier? He wasn’t a photographer until Instagram came along.


Vahram Muratyan, the designer behind the popular visual book Paris versus New York, lets us in on the scenes and experiences that keep him inspired, with doses of travels elsewhere. Lots of color and street art to be had here.


Famed photographer JR isn’t always in Paris, but when he is, his photos are stunning. He recently took over the Pantheon with his Inside Out Project. And when he’s elsewhere? Yeah, just as good.


While not your quintessential Paris shots, Jean-Baptiste’s minimal style captures more than most postcards ever will.


This Spanish photographer who calls Paris home has the eye of an architect; if you like sexy buildings and structures, this is the one to follow.


Philadelphian-turned-Parisian Lindsey Tramuta documents her life abroad and her travels, with a special focus on all of the tasty treats (hello eclairs) and drinks that Paris has to offer. Plus this girl is in the know; if you want to keep tabs on what’s new in the city, she’s the one to follow.


Lots of cityscapes, Eiffel Tower reflections, and general tromping around quintessential Parisian spots.


Chanel shoes and roses, this is a girlier side of Paris, for the romantic in you.


Nathill has a thing for beautiful Parisian staircases, making her account one to follow if you’re into a bit of architecture porn.


Seb happens to be the community manager for the Paris Instagram community @igersparis, so he knows a thing or two about capturing the best sides of his city. Lots of colorful cityscapes and dappled sunlight.


Designer Anne Ditmeyer’s feed is full of everything you’d expect from a designer: all the little things that make Paris great and that most of us fail to take notice of, like the motifs of Parisian cafe chairs.


Street art junkies, this account is for you. Plus you get photos of Jean-Luc Raymond’s cat. Meow.


While a lot of Parisian Instagram photos can be full of rose-colored sunlight and romantic park walks, Antone’s is not that. Here you’ll find cityscapes that are a bit grittier and more architectural than your average Paris shots.


David Lebovitz is a favorite in the foodie crowd, both for his blog, books, and yes, Instagram feed. Here you’ll find everything from daily baguette shots to the little quirks that keep Paris, well, Paris.


Marissa Cox likes coffee, brunch, and fancy Parisian pastries. Don’t we all? Plus you get a little of her various European travels.


“One post a day keeps the boredom away” says Thibaut’s profile. Well, one post a day about Paris that is. Thibaut has just as many shots of well-loved spots in town as some of the less-seen places.


Explore Raul’s Paris, through the eyes of an architect. Here you’ll get everything from street art to beautifully designed buildings to bicycles. All the good things in life, right?


The woman who is behind the popular Parisian Le Polyedre blog keeps you up to speed on what’s new in town. With good brunch spots, funky stores, and a cool design, the feed is the perfect lifestyle guide to the city without beating you over the head with the Paris stick.


This French photographer is an incredible visual storyteller, and his Instagram feed captures just a little bit of his stunning work. His often-black-and-white photos of Paris are beautifully composed and give you a completely different view of the city.


Not only do they serve up the best eggs in town, but the people at Holybelly know their culinary stuff, which means every time they go out and about, they Instagram it. That gives you an insider perspective on the hottest places on the Parisian food scene.


This is the man and the legend behind the much-loved restaurant Bones, so don’t be surprised when you see fish heads or poultry heads ready for plucking.


What do you do on Sundays in Paris? You brunch. If you thought the holy hour of brunch was reserved for Brooklyn, think again. Sunday is the day to be seen at the best brunch spots in town, and on this feed you’ll learn all about them.


Black-and-white photos of the city and its Parisians? Yes, please. Mostly devoted to the people that call this city home, Pierre is all about street scenes with a story.