The 19 Worst Decisions You Can Make in Paris

Paris is always a good decision... except for when it’s not. While you may know the ropes around this city, be sure you don’t ever trip up and fall over them by making one of these awful, awful decisions...

1. Ending up at those bars around Pigalle that are open until 4am

You are not a student anymore. 

2. Mistaking Charles de Gaulle -- Etoile for Aéroport Charles de Gaulle

Ok, so you are definitely not from here.


3. Assuming that you've lived here long enough that you can stop looking out for dog poop

You will step in it. 

4. Getting on the 13 on the night of a Paris Saint-Germain match

The 13 is crammed full on regular days. 

5. Booking a ticket out of Orly

Sure it’s cheaper. But it will take you a day to get there.

Flickr/Jonathan Kotta

6. Agreeing to take visitors to the Eiffel Tower

Put them on the Metro and meet up with them later for wine and cheese at your favorite cave instead. 

7. Not checking the pedestrian lights on both sections of the street

Say goodbye to your life well-lived. 

8. Not making a reservation, even though it’s Wednesday and you just wanted to get a burger

You can just go ahead and forget eating. 

9. Thinking that anything from a food truck will be budget-friendly

Better go home and cook pasta.


10. Moving to the Left Bank

Yeah, because living in Saint-Germain sounded so great. 

11. Going to the Louvre on the first Sunday of the month

You’re broke, it’s free admission, but there are far better things to do with your Sunday than stand in line all day to see a postage stamp-sized painting that everyone's inexplicably obsessed with.

Flickr/Brendan Lynch

12. Following the city’s approved bike roads

That car driving in the opposite direction isn’t going to slow down just because there is a fancy bike logo painted on the street. 

13. Trying to find a picnic spot on the Canal anytime after 8pm on a nice day

You should have gotten there at 7 and you know it.

Flickr/Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

14. Lose your RER ticket

You’ll be stuck in that hellhole of a station all afternoon since you can’t get out without that precious ticket, or until someone lets you pass through the gate with them. 

15. Go shopping at Les Halles on a Saturday

What are you, from the banlieue? 

16. Go on a morning run at 8am

Unless your idea of "a good run" is "dodging school children."


17. Try to get a Vélib at the top of a hill

Plan to walk.

18. Leave your grocery shopping until Sunday afternoon

You can’t even get wine, sucker.

19. Ride your bike on the banks of the Seine

Unless you enjoy getting your tires stuck in the cobblestone.