21 things Parisians love

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the one thing Parisians love most of all is hating other stuff, but actually, there are tons of things the residents of this city are besotted with (not just the wine!). Here are 21 of them...

1. Fast food
Don’t let a Parisian make fun of you for being an American and having a bad food culture. They literally line up around the block when a new Burger King opens up.

2. Things from New York
Because if you didn’t know, New York is actually a suburb of Paris, just across the Atlantic. Oh wait, did we say New York? We meant Brooklyn.

3. Spending August anywhere but in Paris
If you’re still in Paris in August, you’re not a real Parisian.

4. Smoking electronic cigarettes
Why? No one knows, but sales are (ironically) on fire.

Andrew Zimmer

5. Artisan hamburgers
There are so many artisan makers of hamburgers these days it’s hard to keep track. And yes, you better believe they’re decked out in quality French cheeses.

6. Driving like an insane person
If you were stuck in Parisian traffic, you would too.

7. Parking like an insane person
Can't find a decent sidewalk to park on? Just use a bike lane!

8. Caramel au beurre salé
Granted, the salted butter cream comes from Brittany, but if there’s a sweet treat that Parisians dig, and want as an ice cream flavor in the Summer, it’s this. It’s legitimate Stuff Parisians Like.

9. Bringing their dogs everywhere they go
Dogs. Everywhere. Even in the chair next to you at the cafe, and probably having a better meal.

10. Brunching
Preferably outside on a crowded patio where you’re visible to the rest of the world.

11. Staring
Is it considered rude? No one really cares. 

12. Leaving town on weekends
If you don’t have an excuse to leave Paris on the weekend, you’re probably not worthy of living in Paris on the weekdays. 

13. Arguing
Not because they’re necessarily mad, but because it’s respectable to argue. It’s always worth giving a counter argument to something, even if you’re in agreement in the first place. What, you don't think so?

14. Complaining about Paris
The apartment’s small. There’s a grève. The metro took too long. The traffic is a bordel. The list goes on.

15. Bagels and sushi
At the same damn restaurant.

16. Pop-up anything
Fashion or food trucks, anything that pops up and then disappears is très cool.

17. Talking about how the 90€ lunch was a great deal
Hey, that Michelin-starred restaurant would be like 300€ at dinner. It’s really a bon marché.

18. The South
We would all rather be drinking rosé in the sun.

19. Squeezing themselves into the last spot in a full metro
No, you do NOT want to wait three whole damn minutes for the next one.

20. Weird workout routines that aren’t really workouts
Aqua biking anyone?

21.  Being negative even when you’re positive
“Not bad” actually means “pretty great”.