Tech it to the limit with the year's best

DeviceKnit: Straight out of the Steel City, DK walks even the circuitry-fearful through step-by-steps on how to awesomely repurpose electronic devices, and also lays out new uses for old tech...more

The Clink: Because you can only watch that rapper dude in the Rebecca Black video be in fast lanes switching lanes so many times, there's The Clink: a web series of coffee break-friendly comedy shorts depicting the life of prisoners...more

Hipster City Cycle: From a group of local developers who swear they're gonna make Philly a video game hotbed, HCC's a JobsPhone app with SNES-style graphics and an equally old-school soundtrack...more

PhilaPhilia: From the mind of a history buff/critic, PP's a Philly-centric real estate & architecture blog hosting posts liberally laced with both deep-cut historical knowledge and deeper-cut profanity...more

This Is Not A Cheesesteak: Philly knows a couple things, like proper sportsmanship, non-violent dispute resolution, and cheesesteaks. Also, not understanding the definition of "a couple". To wit, the Queen Village guy behind This Is Not A Cheesesteak, who posts photo-accompanied rants that take heavy offense to what the rest of the country considers a "Philly"...more