This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps

This has definitely happened to you before: you're sitting on your couch, eating Caramel Cheddar Bugles, and watching a Coen brothers marathon, when two things dawn on you, 1) you totally should've gotten chili cheese Bugles, and 2) these movies would be so much awesomer if they weren't movies at all, but instead live, near-naked burlesque performances. Well, thanks to PhilaMOCA & b-lesque baroness Miss Rose, that second thought'll come true with this weekend's debut of Sexploitation Follies, a bi-monthly showcase of lingerie-laden movie interpretations, starting with the works of the Coens, including...O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Done in garb described only as "depression-era" and utilizing portions of the film's bluegrass soundtrack, this slow, somber striptease from NYC's Fifi Dupree'll likely leave your own Dapper Dan in a, um, tight spot.Raising Arizona: This one's from Boston's curvy Porcelain Dalya -- who's definitely got more than you can handle -- with a Nick Cage trash 'stache, bottle nipple pasties, and a pair of pantyhose… on her head as she rollicks through the flick's car chase scene giving thrills to your own Nathan Jr.The Big Lebowski: Totally in her element, hostess Miss Rose'll sexily cut a rug that'll totally tie the room together as she dons the garb of The Jesus, shaking her Quin-tatas while mastering the 7-10 splits, a vision that'll likely cause your own White Russian to stir. Three-for-three!