How Philadelphia Sees the Rest of Pennsylvania

Published On 05/18/2015 Published On 05/18/2015

We've all met them -- people from Lancaster, or Scranton, or worst of all Pittsburgh -- those other Pennsylvanians, like cousins you have to spend time with during the holidays who talk a little bit funny and ​seem off​. It's not that we hate the rest of Pennsylvania, it's just that there isn't really a reason to live anywhere else in PA (outside of your college years) when Philly has so much offer. We've got the history, ​nightlife, Wawas, and easy access to the shore that dissipates the farther you head west on the Turnpike. The West has... Little League games, we guess.

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Dan McKay is a freelance writer/photographer living in Philly. He was once the fastest kid in second grade but now gets winded walking up the Rocky steps. You can follow him @dannypageviews.



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