Finally, girls who know how to work your joystick

Quick: what's the one thing that makes any late-night, free burlesque festival better? If you said "free chain wallets for everyone", you're right. But if you said "an even-later-night burlesque show where all the girls are dressed like sexy video game characters", then you're also right, but actually in luck, because that's exactly what's going to be happening at tonight's D20 Burlesque at Late Night Cabaret.Okay, so see if you can follow: Late Night Cabaret is sorta like the official after-party for every Philadelphia Live Arts Festival + Philly Fringe event. They're all hosted at NoLibs' Underground Arts and include after-party awesomeness like a bar, an open burlesque stage, and professional-classy-clothes-taker-offers classily taking their clothes off, professionally. This particular one-night-only performance'll showcase one of New York's most lauded, traveling cliques -- a collection of like-minded, costume-challenged, rhythmic monster/Lovecraft/meme/Nintendo/roleplay enthusiasts who'll help finally answer the age-old question: what if Metroid took off more than her helmet?And because nothing takes your breath away like blowing in a Contra cartridge a bunch of photos of NES-themed pin-ups who know just how to press it up up down down left right left right, check out this NThatSFW Tumblr of tonight's cast of characters, then click below for all the deets on tonight's show plus tons of free chain wallets.