You won't be able to get into this crazy secret booze event unless you read on

Abraham Lincoln said it best: "Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes crimes out of things that are not crimes. Now, where did I put my Red Dog tall boy?". Spitting in the face of a law so uncool that Lincoln hated it like 60yrs before it was even passed: Elfreth's Alley Museum's Speakeasy Costume Ball

Celebrating all things once illegally imbibe-able (we're talking moonshine wine & illegal-to-purchase beer), this password-required, jazz-age fete'll feature live music, silent films, and a pair of pre-repeal historians to talk you through three hours of unlimited drinking (think crafts from Weyerbacher, Triumph Brewing Co., and Depression-era Spodee, which could very well make your night history, too

And because it wouldn't be a true speakeasy without it, SCB'll also have a bunch of rubbing alcohol someone made in their bathtub! a run of not-legal-to-sell homebrews from bedroom-barley-jacks across Philly that they'll be judging as part of the second annual Elfreth's Cup. Sadly none of those beers are available to the public, just media judges and a couple lucky dudes who accurately remember that Abe Lincoln quote, and click the link below this immediately…