Onyx Hookah Lounge

Situated in a nondescript strip center along Red Lion, Onyx Hookah Lounge's a super-comfy, European-style hookah hangout with plush black leather sofas, arm chairs, and square white tables taken over by hulking flavored-tobacco towers, which you'll likely Saur on if there's nowhere else to put your elf cloak

New to hookah? This is the place to get your feet wet, as they'll set up the coal-fueled, water-cooled system for you, then hand you a menu packed with nearly 30 smokeable flavors ranging from easily approachable, menthol-y varieties like Absolute Zero and Chocolate Mint, to fruit-tinged options including the guarana/citrus/raspberry Mobster, and the triple-berried Tiger's Blood, which's from the dash of an Escalade specially imported. Ice tips are available to cool the smoke/enhance the flavor, and to keep the entertainment going there's a bubble kit that'll let you exhale infinitely amusing smoke-filled soap bubbles, plus planned events like video game nights (BYOConsole & game and play on their gigantic flatscreens), karaoke, and even live DJs, who'll totally hit the hookah, then ask for something "stronger" while telling you messed up stories from the set of Full House

Making the night even more awesome, Onyx is a bring-your-own-booze-stablishment, so pack your own hooch -- it's the Samwise move to make.