You haven't been this creeped out since you rode the El

FDR said it best: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Oh, and zombies". Find out just how right he was this Fri & Sat at Mausoleum Horror Con, a two-day, zombie-filled fright fest put on by PhilaMOCA & Cinedelphia with comped Narragansett beer & energy drinks, Nazi vampire slayers, and a cadre of burlesque dancers -- so, plenty of things to keep you "up" at night. A peek

Friday: Day 1 tips off with seven hours of free beer and the Con's Mausoleum Art Show of Horrors, which's basically a mini film fest and horror art show... with seven hours of free beer

Saturday: Day 2 tips off with 13 more hours of (ugh) free beer, plus a vendor hall full of cult-movie DVD/VHS hawkers and folks selling desk-awesoming figurines (zombie Stormtroopers, sharks being attacked by zombies...), an undead puppet-MC'd burlesque show (not kidding), and a screening of half-man/half-cyborg Nazi-vampire-slaying-via-kung-fu Manborg, also what Jimmy Connors shouts while trying to get Bjorn's attention in a room filled with female family members

Friday'll only run you $7, and Saturday's just $12, meaning you can enjoy 20hrs of free beer (plus all this horror awesome) for less than $20 -- a New Deal pretty much anyone can get behind. Even Republicans.