Your Summer, now with open-air screenings of awesome movies

Cinematically honoring the decade that gave us... oiled-up dudes playing volleyball (!!!), the normally indie-pimping Indiana Bro-nes-es at Awesome Fest! are taking over NoLibs' Liberty Lands park each Thursday this Summer (starting this week, so Add this to My Thrillist), with a 30ft screen playing a choice '80s flick, which you can see FOR FREE, while you BYOB. See how well you know their classic film slate by taking this quiz, then click through to the answers see if you got 'em right and there's a reason to Scream… but not watch Scream, 'cuz that came out in 1996

1) While also serving as Bill Murray's breakout starring role, this film additionally features a mud wrestling scene where the biggest rack belongs to John Candy. ANSWER!

2) This entirely fictitious plot that in no way resembles real life was centered around the hilariously far-fetched concept of an isolationist protecting an oil-rich area from neighboring enemies in exchange for gas. Pssshhh, come on guys! ANSWER!

3) Starring in this flick gave Dan Aykroyd the inspiration later in life to partly fund a string of music clubs. Hint: It's not Sgt. Bilko. ANSWER!

4) This movie starred two guys who would later become governors, and at reunions they gather around and laugh at Knute Rockne, All American 'cuz it only produced one. ANSWER!

5) This pic finally offered a viable solution to residents looking to avoid something strange in their neighborhood. Well, other than "moving to the suburbs". ANSWER!

6) It's because of this movie that you can finish (and dance to) this: Ba-neh-nehnuh-nah-nuh-neh-nuh. Ba-neh-nehnuh-NAH-nuh-neh, TEQU-- ANSWER!

7) Rumor has it Tom Cruise was super-excited about one scene in this flick, until he learned Goose would actually be ejecting behind him. ANSWER!

8) Though it starred Chevy Chase in his prime, arguably the funniest thing about this movie was the idea that anyone's job would allow a two-week vacation. ANSWER!

9) To revive the main character from the land of the dead, you just had to say his name three times. Sadly, the same can't be said for the lead actor's career. MichaelKeaton-MichaelKeaton-MichaelKeaton… See? Nothing. ANSWER!

10) In Germany, this film is known as Joy Stick Heroes. In the US, this film is known as the one where Fred Savage's little brother is really good at Double Dragon. ANSWER!