A Fringe Fest drinking game comes to Fairmount

Because your favorite scene in any play is the bar at intermission, head to Fairmount Ave's Urban Saloon for their Sat night residency of Philly Fringe hit Bye Bye Liver, a weekly sketch comedy show packed with 75min of audience-participation-required drinking games. Which games exactly? Here's a look at three, along with detailed instructions on how they actually work:1. Name That Tune: ... or you have to drink.2. Would You Rather: They'll give you two options, like: "Would you rather own 1,000 duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?". Everyone in the audience votes for which they'd rather (horse-sized duck, naturally), and the minority chug-a-lugs.3. Never Have I Ever: Everyone takes turns listing off things they've never done (lead an illegal dog fighting ring, fail to get a team to .500, get demoted to third string… oh, hey, there's a hand raised!); if they list anything that you have actually done, you take a medium-to-large sip.