Phoenix Is No. 1 at These 9 Things. Suck It, Every Other City.

Phoenix often doesn't get the credit it deserves, and while the natives may know the glorious peaks that come with The Valley, it's often difficult to persuade non-Phonecians of that simple truth. Well, good news, because now we have the science to prove it -- we found nine recent surveys, studies, and polls showing off how Phoenix is leading the way for the rest of the nation.

1. Best and biggest PGA golf event

The Valley hosts the Phoenix Open each February; it’s the biggest PGA event and The Open draws in rowdy, record-breaking crowds year after year. Phoenix also ranks among the top golf cities in US. There’s more than 200 golf courses located in and around the Greater Phoenix area. Fore!

2. Best at economic growth

Not only is business a-booming here more than anywhere else in the country, but economic analysts say that strength is being generated in "all sectors" of the economy. Huzzah!

3. Best at driving safe

Phoenix drivers always wear their seat belts and keep their hands at 10 and two. Although there’s no ban against using cellphones while driving, like in some other states, Phoenix drivers are some of the safest, according to an Allstate report.

4. Best at having impeccable credit scores

A Phoenician always pays their debts... or at least, that's what the nation's banks and financial institutions apparently think, given their staggeringly good credit rating for The Valley's residents.

5. Best at wanting kinky relationships

According to the people who research such things (the fine folks at, Phoenix's ladies are most likely to want to see a little leather in the bedroom. Not the carseat.

6. Best freeways

For a city that uses them so much, it's either surprising or not surprising at all that Phoenix's freeways are the best maintained in the country (bridges also, but we didn't want to brag too much).

7. Best at low-fare air travel

If you live in the US and want to grab a quick flight somewhere on the cheap, then the best place for you to live is Phoenix, Arizona. You'll have more choice than anywhere else in the nation, with more than 84 low-cost destinations served.

8. Best at avoiding winter

What’s winter? Phoenix is sunny 85% of the year and temps hover at 90 or above 170 days out of the year. Oh, but there was that one time it snowed in The Valley. Brr...

9. Best at solar

Okay so, qualifier; we get the most new electrical capacity from solar than anywhere else. Arizona State University even has an entire lab dedicated to all things solar energy and parking lots around campus are covered with panels to soak up the sun. Science!

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