10 reasons to get unreasonably excited about Thrillist Phoenix


So Thrillist is moving into Phoenix, and bringing with it the food, drink, and entertainment A-Z of AZ’s biggest city. But just what is this “Thrillist”, you ask? Why should you care? And will it be air-conditioned? All of these questions will be answered below...

1. You’re going to get a weekly helping of the very best Phoenix has to offer for you to eat, drink, and do. And that's a lot of stuff.

2. That weekly update? It’s completely free. Sign up here for the cost of about three mouse clicks, or if you’re already hooked up (say, to our San Diego edition), then change your home city here.

3. All Thrillist content is insect-repellent.

deep-fried burrito

4. We believe that deep-frying a burrito is unfettered genius, and is just the kind of thing that we’d come up with. We’re on the same wavelength!

5. We think the dining scene here is actually pretty excellent, and vastly underrated nationally. It’s just what happens when you have West Coasters, East Coasters, Latin Americans, and Midwesterners moving in and bringing their food -- and we intend to pay tribute.

6. The phrase “but it’s a dry heat!” will never, ever pass our lips/keyboards. Except this one time.

7. The Four Peaks and SanTan breweries are just the start, and we want to bring you with us on the sudsy wave of craft hop houses opening up around The Valley. 

8. Anywhere that can create Chinese/Mexican fusion food, and do it WELL (Chino Bandido, where have you been all our lives, dammit!?) is a place worth seriously investing in. We intend to find those unique local gems, and eat them.

9. You like brunch? Booze? Boozy brunch? Because we shall be discussing all of those things.

10. Seriously, it’s crazy that it’s taken this long for us to get into the awesomeness that is Phoenix, and we intend to make up for lost time, hard.

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