24 Things Phoenix Does Better Than Anywhere Else

Yes, Phoenicians do have the fourth-most plastic surgery of any US city. But we're not here to talk about what Phoenix does fourth, or third, or even second best. No, these are the things Phoenix does better than anywhere... 

1. Real estate

If you’re looking for a big, brand-new house for a little price, Phoenix is the spot for you. 

2. Housing market crashes

With all of that glorious real estate comes a price; Phoenix was one of the hardest hit cities during the housing pop. 

3. Weekend getaways

Snow, the beach, and Sin City are all within (reasonable!) driving distance, and that's not to mention the hikes, golfing, national forests, and -- oh yeah -- Mexico!

4. Commuting

Wide-open freeways and comparably minimal traffic make Phoenix a city practically designed for driving. 

5. Casual Fridays

No one does casual like Phoenix. Hawaiian shirts and khakis are not only commonplace, they're also basically essential from a practical, I-don't-want-to-roast point of view.


6. Hiking

Throw a stick here, and you'll hit three great hiking spots. They're ALL OVER the state, including Camelback and the Superstitions. 

7. Snubbing public transit

Yes, we’ve adopted the light rail and there is a city bus system, but public transit is largely nonexistent in the country’s sixth-largest city. 

8. Golfing

You can’t go far in Phoenix without running into a golf course, also, did we mention the Waste Management Open? 

9. Citrus

Most Arizonans don’t even need to leave their neighborhoods for a piece of citrus; there are orange trees in Phoenicians’ yards everywhere, and that's not to mention all the citrus groves. 

10. Growth

Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country: real estate, population, you name it. And we have the space/infrastructure to handle it...


11. Sunny weather

On average, there are 299 sunny days a year in Phoenix. The weather's so good, sometimes people wish it would rain just for a little variety. 

12. Thunderstorms

When it does rain... it pours.

13. Friendliness

Phoenicians are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Plus, most of the population are transplants, so outsiders are more than welcome. 

14. Gun rights

Phoenicians, and all Arizonans, love their firearms. It’s one of very few states with an actual state gun. (In case you were wondering it’s the Colt Single Action Army Revolver.)

Flickr/Holley And Chris Melton

15. Terrifying desert creatures

Scorpions, tarantulas, Gila monsters... the word "monster" is part of its name.

16. Sunsets

You won’t find more brilliantly colored, stunning sunsets than the ones you’ll see in metro Phoenix. 

17. Miserable county prison

If there’s one place you don’t want to go, it’s Maricopa County Jail. Pink underwear, chain gangs, and bad food (!) have all put this jail in the national spotlight. 

18. Landscapes

Phoenix boasts the country’s most beautiful desert, and is one of the few cities that maintains a lot of natural landscape. 

19. Boating

Despite being landlocked, Arizona even has more boats per capita than anywhere else in the country. Go figure!

20. Sports tourism

The Phoenix metro area has hosted three Super Bowls, boasts a great MLB spring training schedule, and has several professional sports teams. Bring on XLIX!


21. Mexican food

While this is hotly contested, it’s hard to imagine anywhere having better, more authentic Mexican food than Phoenix. Apart from Mexico.

22. Cost of living

Phoenix has one of the lowest costs of living in the nation, which is incredible given its size and big-city attractions.

23. Easy directions

The city is set up as a grid, so it’s near impossible to get lost. Nearly.

24. Haboobs

There are few things as awe-inspiring and terrifying as a giant wall of dust coming toward you, especially when you know it's called a "haboob."

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