The pub crawl you always wanted, with the transportation you always needed

Pretending to be a tourist in your own city is fun: you can snicker at the Hung Far Low sign, stroll through the rose test gardens, and tell everyone even though Brooklyn is so much cooler, you're still moving here to start a creative agency. To rediscover the real reason you moved to PDX, hop a tour from Brewvana.

From a lady with a decade of sudstastic experience in Portland breweries, Brewvana offers all-inclusive drinking-mandated encouraged craft beer tours in a 14-seat scholastic whip pimped out with a muraled ceiling and mini-fridge to help you reach a "euphoric state of awareness, appreciation and love for Portland's finest craft beer", which could result in Vertigo and'll likely require some Hair of the Dog. Four-hour "Imbiber" jaunts roll every weekend and include backstage passes to joints like Burnside Brew Co. and Cascade's Barrel House, as well as brewer-dropped knowledge on making & tasting, schloads of samples, a booklet to scrawl notes/ inebriated musings, hunger-/ oblivion-preventing chow like Laurelwood's Free Range Red BBQ pulled pork sando, and a trivia challenge for prizes, even though the greatest prize of all is simply enjoying the company of good friends and good beer switchblade combs. Beyond the Imbiber, Brewvana also offers specialty tours like a recent jam that included beers at the Apex anniversary party, a sample glass and tastes at Saison Fest, and a tour and samples at HUB including their Crosstown pale ale, obviously a reference to all the angry beer drinkers in Boston.

Going even further, Brewvana also rocks an occasional "connoisseur" tour meant to be a jaunt where suds-centered know-it-alls can engage in deeper geeky convo with their favorite maker/ beer nerd, who'll surely call you a tourist when you mispronounce Willamette, Dammit.