A coffee fest, beer for charity & and ALL the old-school video games

Portland Event of the Week
Friday, October 17th: Proving our superiority on the matter (suck it Seattle!), Coffee Fest has moved to our convention center for the first time, and you can find anything that "looks like coffee, smells like coffee, goes well with coffee, or is coffee".

Thursday, October 16th: Get ready for EastBurn’s 5th Annual Brewers for Boobs. There will be dozens of local beers (but sadly none of the aforementioned boobs) on display at this event to help fight cancer. Continue Reading

Thursday, October 16th: The very PDX-appropriate Portland Fermentation Festival is back for it's fifth year and is promising a slew of pickled vegetables, kraut, meat/fish, and solid dairy -- which better taste better than it sounds. Oh, and if that's not enough, they've also got beer, cider & sandwiches on the roof.

Friday, October 17th-Sunday, October 19th: The Portland Retro Gaming Expo opens with hundreds of classic games and events surrounding them, including the Tetris World Championship.

Ongoing: A frighteningly fun take on a Halloween tradition, Kruger's Corn Maze Cabaret adds cabaret performers, fire dancers, live music, and scary outdoor movies to said maze. It's all happening on weekends 'til the end of the month.