Everything you need to know about the superfest, and some other stuff you probably don't

From Sept 5th-9th, PDX's streets will crawl with tattooed indie-rock chicks, punkers, hip-hoppers, tripped-out club rats, metalheads, hippies, silly yet skilled performance artists, and even sillier unskilled hipsters. So, Portlanders. But since it's MusicfestNW, there'll also be performances by 175 bands at 17 venues, from the Hawthorne Theatre to Pioneer Square, where Beirut will seem extremely quiet compared to clipboard-wielding activists.You're faced with a choice: crawl into a (very deep, soundproof) hole for five days, or nab an all-access wristband and get down and dirty. If you're doing the latter, you're advised to get a VIP job -- it lets you cut lines, access afterparties, and try to get laid by pretending to be Girl Talk -- and bone up on your knowledge, which you can accomplish by playing Thrillist's MusicfestNW trivia below (just click through on each for answers/tickets):1 In her first MFNW performance, this "sissybounce" rapper one-upped her very public love of booties by showing an equal love for silicone and glitter with an impromptu show at Sassy's.2Based in LA, this Pioneer Square headliner takes its name from its nightly runs to a local liquor store.3This Eminem protege once guested on an Alex King song called "Like a Sewing Machine", and was named one of the best rappers of 2011 by Esquire, the premiere hip-hop publication for people who know what a tab collar is.4This local psychedelic duo's singer almost completely lost his voice after their last album, only to regain it and draw comparisons to Dylan -- minus the creepy Victoria's Secret-girls ogling -- on their new one.5These alt-rock pioneers, who recently dropped an awesome video featuring Tim of Tim & Eric fame, broke up in 1997, only to reunite in 2005… though the members are closer to seniors than juniors now. 6This world-renowned DJ nabbed a coveted Pioneer headlining gig where he'll play pop mashups instead of a popular '80s board game based on gossiping about totally cute boys.7This hugely popular PDX duo (formerly a trio that couldn't stop fighting) takes its name from a classic Muppets song that thankfully isn't chickens clucking Cee-lo.8 At eight, this folkster -- performing with his dad -- was nominated for a Grammy, though he was criminally overlooked for his pioneering '70s showbiz reality show Here Comes Bobby Boo Boo.