Old-school video games and Field of Dreams... in a field

Portland Event of the Week
Thursday, July 31st: Ground Kontrol’s Indie Game Night features Hotline Miami with a high-score challenge and costume contest!

Friday, August 1st: Watch Field of Dreams in a field… at Laurelhurst Park! Continue Reading

Saturday, August 2nd: Head down to Zidell Yards to see the San Francisco/Portland Urban Air Market collab, which is a curated marketplace for sustainable design featuring both dude and lady gear, accessories, jewelry, and probably something to replace that milk crate you still use as an ottoman.

Saturday, August 2nd: After shopping it's time for the 28th annual Fremont Fest, which is a little too kid-friendly for... well, us, but it does boast a ton of food/street vendors and a pub crawl for adults.

Sunday, August 3rd: Act quick to secure your spot at Kick Kick Score -- a nine-hole mini fut-golf course/bar hop on Hawthorne Blvd. It's part of the start of MLS All-Star Week.