Put 'em on the glass

Published On 08/18/2011 Published On 08/18/2011

Boredom can make a man do all sorts of things, like skip college classes, or -- once he’s old and still working a job that a floated-through communications degree earns a person -- take college classes. From a guy whose boredom drove him to spray-paint windows, but like, awesomely: Junk with Paint.

Junk’s the work of a professional economist and self-taught artist who began painting (and baking pies!) to kill the boredom of a life lived in Eugene, and’s now PDX-based while filling off-hours slapping spray paint & crayons onto old sash windows to create a menagerie of animals, oddities, historical figures, and even the occasional robot (he's also more than willing to do commissions, or Commishes, presuming Michael Chiklis counts as a historical figure, or at least an oddity). Some windowed wall art:

Bear: This passive-looking ursus arctos was originally meant to have a sign that read "You have the right to arm bears", but was left blank for your own temporary notes addable with a complimentary grease pen, as opposed to Grease Pen 15, an exclusive club it wasn’t very difficult to trick John Travolta into joining.

The Golden Ratio: Junk's spiraling re-creation of the irrational mathematical constant was inspired by a stripper who had it on her back, because apparently the sum of her quantities to her larger quantity was equal to the ratio of her larger quantity to her smaller one. Or something. Whatever, she had a great body.

VW: This sucker combines a classic VW hippie-mobile with a Vespa to form some sort of awesome hybrid scooter-bus, which is fun to ride until your friends see you saddled up on top of a window-sash painting.



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