The buck drops here

So you think you're pretty good at Big Buck Hunter, huh? You do realize that those were all just innocent cows you viciously murdered, right? Straighten that out, put your money where your buckshot is, and hit the Big Buck Hunter HD tourney Thursday at Bossanova

Enter this totally free shoot-off, and you'll get to lock and unload on the brand-new HD version of the game, in which the deer, elk, bears, birds, moose, and mountain lions you're killing look infinitely more lifelike, and the hot chicks that pop on-screen in skimpy safari outfits are rendered so clearly you can see the threads on the sassy knee-high socks they're wearing... for camouflage! While dutifully chugging beers on the sidelines, you'll get hooked up with t-shirts and koozies, and top scorers will get to spend up to 30 seconds in a "money booth", where they can grab totally real cash blown up from the floor like it was being powered by Pacman Jones in a hurricane; if you win the whole thing, a snaggable certificate for two free nights at an NYC hotel will be flying around in there as well

Said hotel will come in handy if you end up ranked among the top hunters nationally on the six-stop tour and get invited to NY's Big Buck Hunter World Championship for a shot at $15K, meaning people likely won't shoot you, considering what a cash cow you just became.